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Vermicelli (Shemai) Recipe

Vermicelli(Shemai)Recipe is a traditional dish of Bengali Muslims. Basically, on the day of Eid,Ul-Fitr Bengali Muslims cook different types of Sweet Vermicelli(shemai).
The food is very tasty. On the day of Eid, everyone cooks semai and shares the joy by eating together.Although this recipe is preferred by Bengalis, it is a delicious popular dish all over the world.Today I will tell you how vermicelli(Shemai)Recipe is to be made.

                            Vermicelli (Shemai) Recipe      
The ingredients needed to make it are given below:
4.Nuts, raisins

                      Vermicelli (Shemai) Recipe Vermicelli (Shemai) Recipe
Step 1:
First I will mix the amount of sugar with the milk.Then heat with it for 10-15 minutes.

Step 2:
After heating for 10-15 minutes, take the mixture off the heater.Then I will give the same amount as vermicelli(shemai).
Step 3:
Then I will sprinkle almonds and raisins in the mixture of milk and sugar. And wait until it's cold.
Step 4:
When it is cold, it should be served on a plate.

Conclusion: I hope you all like the recipe.And you can make this recipe very easily..

Thank You.....

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