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How To Make Mashed Luffa?

Luffa mash is very delicious. Today I will tell you how to make mashed Luffa .
The Complete procedure is given below.

mash luffa

Things You'll Need

1. luffa
2. Garlic
3. turmeric
4. salt
5. Onion
6. pepper
7. Sweet pumpkin

1st step:
At First Loofah should be cut into small pieces.
mash luffa 

2nd step: 

Pepper, salt, garlic, onion, sweet pumpkin should be chopped
mash luffa  mash luffamash luffamash luffamash luffa

3rd step :

Mix everything together Need to cook.

mash luffa

step 4:
I will fry it lightly and put it in a bowl.
mash luffa

Final step: 
mash luffa
Now you have to fill all the in one shot.
Then serve with a little mustard oil.
Thank You......................

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