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How To Make Chotpoti?

How To Make Chotpoti? Chotpoti is a favorite food of the in India. This dish is mainly found in roadside shops.It is a very popular food among Bengalis.This dish is much more popular, especially among young girls.

This dish is also popular among Bengalis of all ages.The hotspot roadside shop is also available to various small to large restaurants.Besides, it is impossible to imagine the various tourist centers.In the late afternoon, the father takes the daughter to eat the chotpoti.
The girls in the cell all rushed to the shop this fall afternoon.And this time the shopkeeper of the chotpoti is very busy serving the chotpoti.But the chotpoti of these roadside shops is not health-conscious at all.Because food in all these places creates an unhealthy environment.But the chotpoti is really a lot of fun to eat and the card.So I came today to tell everyone How To Make Chotpot in a healthy environment at homeā€¦
So let's learn How To Make Chotpoti.

The ingredients needed to make it are given below:

5.Fried chips
6.Garlic paste
7.Ginger paste
9.Bit salt
13.Tamarind chutney
15.Coriander leaves.

Step 1:
First you need to take the beans as needed.Beans should be boiled well in a pot with water and turmeric.

                              How To Make Chotpoti


Onion crumbs should be fried in oil until brown.Then when it turns brown, add spice paste,Boiled potatoes, garlic paste,Ginger paste,Chili paste are Stir in the onion paste for a while and keep it for a while.

                                How To Make Chotpoti


Then the cooked beans should be cooked well with the mixture.Cover the pot with lid and cook with water for 10-15 minutes.Sprinkle the powdered spices on the cooking before the cooking is done.Now the cooking is done.
Finally sprinkle with chopped onion, coriander leaves, egg and a pinch of salt.
Wow! Our Chotpoti recipe is ready. Now it's time to have fun.
Friends, make a quick recipe without delay and have fun with everyone at home.

                           How To Make Chotpoti

Thanks for reading the recipe.


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