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Easy Fried Chicken Recipe

Fried chicken is a very spicy dish to eat.And if it is made at home, then there is no question.Everyone loves plain homemade chicken fried like restaurants.Chicken fried is one of the favorite foods of people of all ages.We basically eat fried chicken at different parties.Most of which are organized at different restaurants.But today we will learn how to make this spicy easy fried chicken recipe at home.But why the delay? Let's learn the process of making Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
                                Easy Fried Chicken Recipe     
The Ingredients Are Need To Given Bellow:
2. white cardamom
8.gram flour
9.oil and salt
                               Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
First the cleaned chicken should be boiled with water, turmeric and salt.The chicken should be left in the normal temperatur for cooling.
                               Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
Then we have to paste garlic, ginger, onion, chilli, spices well.I can give it with a little cumin and black pepper.Now we will mix the amount of salt in the paste.
                                 Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
Then I will mix the paste ingredients with the same amount of gram flour.I will mix it with a little water so that it becomes a paste.
                           Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
Then I will cut the chicken into pieces and mix it with the prepared paste.Now I will wait for the oil to get very hot.Remember that the hotter the oil, the crunchy the chicken.When the oil is hot, the chicken pieces have to be sliced.In this way I will fry for a while till it is well fried.When it is fried, I will sift the oil and take the chicken in a pot.
                               Easy Fried Chicken Recipe
Finally Our Easy Fried Chicken Recipe is complete.Now I will give salad and chopped onion for serving.We can add Rice bread,soya souch,Coriander leaves to make this easy fried chicken recipe more attractive.
Thanks to All....
                               Easy Fried Chicken Recipe

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