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6 Month Baby Food Chart

Many mothers are confused as to what else can be fed in addition to breast milk.Many mothers make the mistake of feeding which disrupts the baby's nutrition and physical growth.Which is fatally detrimental to a child's future.So every mother should be aware of what can and cannot be fed to the baby.And you need to know when to eat any food.So, lets knowing that 6 month baby food chart for daily routine.

Feeding Chart For 6 Month Baby:

Age (Month)      -      Time Of Breast Feeding     -     Amount of Feed To Be Given

0-1 month        -          Every 2 hour           -     600-100 ml

1-5 month        -         Every 2-3 hour          -     100-250 ml

After 5 months, the baby can be fed breast milk as well as semi-solid food.However, it is necessary to test whether the child can eat semi-solid food.Find out how the baby can eat semi-solid food.

1.If the baby cries even after breastfeeding, it should be understood that the baby is ready to eat semi-solid food.
2.If the child looks at the food again and again, it should be understood that the child is ready to eat semi-solid food.
3.The child can be given semi-solid food if they can see if anyone can help.
4.Put a spoonful of food in the baby's mouth to know if the baby can eat semi-solid food.

If you see all these features in the baby, give the baby semi-solid nutritious food.

                             Food Chart For 6 Month Baby:

 Day      -  Early Morning   -  Break Fast  -   launch    -   Evening         - Dinner 

SAT      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - Oates Kheer -  Mixed Veg. puree - BM/FM
SUN      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - Apple Puree -  Rice Gruel       - BM/FM
MON      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - Apple Puree -  Rice Gruel       - BM/FM
TUE      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - carrot Puree-  Mong Dal Water   - BM/FM
WED      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - pumpkin puree-  Barley Water     - BM/FM
THU      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - Banana puree-Carrot & Beetroot soup-BM/FM
FRI      -      BM/FM       -    BM/FM     - potato puree-  Sooji kheer      - BM/FM

       Notes: BM= Breast Milk , FM= Formula Milk 

This is the time when the baby's taste buds, so this time the baby should be given nutritious food of different tastes.
There are a few things to keep in mind when feeding a baby.
1. You can always introduce pureed fruits.
2. Start with 1 tbsp a day and gradually increase it.
3. Do not force your baby with any foods. If your baby is turning his/her face away from the         food it is better not to give it to your baby.
4. You can start with 12pm and 4pm pureed meals and breast milk/ formula milk in the morning and bedtime.
5. Lunch has to be the heaviest meal of the day.
6. Breastfeed your baby throughout the day along with two times meal.
7. Choose foods with proper texture for your baby’s mouth so that it becomes palatable and  enjoyable for your baby.
8. Stop feeding when your baby shows you cues that he or she is done. Often, your baby will do this by turning his or her head away from you.
9. Hold your baby well in an upright position so he/she can easily see the food as much as they want to.
9. Have your baby sit up straight and face forward. This makes swallowing easier and choking episodes are reduced.
10. Talk in a quiet, encouraging voice while you feed. Don’t distract them with games!
Let your baby touch the food in the dish and on the spoon.
11. Allow your baby to self-feed finger foods as soon as he or she shows an interest in touching it.
12. Always introduce 1 food at a time and wait for 3 days to check for any allergy symptoms.

The Allergy Symptomp Are:
1. cough
2. vomiting
3. rashes
4. trouble breathing
5. pain in the belly.

Below are some recipes for making baby food:

                                   Sooji Kheer                     

The nutritious edge food to meet the nutritional needs of the baby from semolina. 
Ingredients : 
1. Water 2 Cup
2. Sooji Or Semolina 1 Cup   

The Process Of Making Sooji Kheer:   
                                 6 Month Baby Food Chart

Step 1: 
Dry roast the sooji in a pan till it turns golden brown.Add the water and stir continuously.
Step 2:
Let it come to a boil on a slow flame.Stir until the sooji is fully cooked. The kheer is now ready.
Step 3:
Once the sooji is done, take it off the flame, cool it a little, and add breastmilk or formula milk to make it creamier and more nutritious.

                                Apple Puree
Apple Puree is one of the most nutritious recipe for child.

1.An Apple
2.breast or formula milk.

The Process Of Making Apple puree:
                              6 Month Baby Food Chart
1.Wash and peel half an apple.
2.Boil it for a few minutes.
3.Once it becomes soft, mash it with a spoon.
4.You can add a few drops of breastmilk or formula (just before feeding) to improve consistency.

                                    Pumpkin Puree
Pumkin puree is one of the good food child making healthy life.

1. Pumpkin 
2. Breast Or Formula Milk.

The Process Of Making Pumpkin puree:
                                6 Month Baby Food Chart
1.Wash and peel one slice of pumpkin.
2.Pressure cook it till you get 3-4 whistles.
3.Once it becomes soft, mash it with a spoon.
4.You can add a few drops of breastmilk or formula to improve consistency.

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